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'Pages Of Life' Tour 1990
01/31/1990 Church Street Station, Orlando, FL TV
02/10/1990 Hee-Haw, Nashville, TN TV
02/16/1990 Celebrity Theatre, Anaheim, CA Live
02/17/1990 Variety Arts Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (two shows) Live
02/20/1990 On Stage TNN, Nashville, TN TV
02/20/1990 Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, CA                          TV
03/01/1990 Nashville Now TV, Nashville, TN             TV
03/02/1990 Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN  Live
03/03/1990 Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO         Live
03/05/1990 Flaherty’s II, Louisville, KY Live
03/07/1990 Birchmere, Alexandria, VA Live
03/09/1990 Fuller Hall, St. Johnsville, VT     Live
03/10/1990 Marquee at the Trail , Buffalo, NY          Live
03/11/1990 Renaissance Theatre, Mansfield, OH Live
03/16/1990 Wagon Wheel Theatre, Warsaw, IN       Live
03/17/1990 WWVA Jamboree, Wheeling, WV                          Live
03/31/1990 Dallas Taylor Benefit, Santa Monica, CA (Akoustic ) Live
04/25/1990 ACM Awards Show, Los Angeles, CA      TV
04/28/1990 Medicine Hat Arena. Medicine Hat, Alberta Live
04/29/1990 Lloyd Minister Arena, Lloyd Minister, Alberta  Live
04/30/1990 Centre of the Arts, Regina, Canada        Live
05/01/1990 Centennial Aud., Saskatoon, Canada Live
05/02/1990 Spirtsplex, Lethbridge, Canada                Live
05/03/1990 Concert Bowl, Edmonton, Alberta          Live
05/04/1990 Grande Prairie Arena, Grande Prairie, Canada Live
05/05/1990 Saddledome, Calgary, Canada Live
06/14/1990 Marquee at the Trail, Buffalo, NY           Live
06/16/1990 Grindelwald Festival, Grindelwald, Switzerland Live
06/17/1990 Mean Fiddler, London, UK Live
06/18/1990 BBC Studios, London, UK TV
06/30/1990 Nahma Resorts Festival, Nahma, MI Live
07/01/1990 Taste of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN            Live
07/04/1990 County Fairgrounds, Seward, Nebraska               Live
07/14/1990 Magic Springs Park, Hot Springs, AK Live
07/19/1990 Big Valley Jamboree, Regina, Canada Live
07/21/1990 Douglas County Fair, Arthur, ILL              Live
07/22/1990 Jamboree in the Hills, Wheeling, WV Live
07/??/1990 Nashville Now TV, Nashville, TN             TV
08/01/1990 Greene County Fair, Carrollton, IL                          Live
08/02/1990 Gallia County Fair, Gallipolis, OH            Live
08/03/1990 County Fairgrounds Grass Valley, California, CA Live
08/04/1990 Six Flags, Chicago , ILL Live
08/05/1990 Louisville Speedway, Louisville, KY Live
08/09/1990 Monteith Riverpark, Albany, OR Live
08/12/1990 King County Fairgrounds, Enumclaw, WA Live
08/17/1990 Clallam County Fair, Port Angeles, WA Live
08/22/1990 Graceland, Scarbourgh, Ontario              Live
08/23/1990 Oakdale Music Theatre, Wallingford CT Live
08/24/1990 Melody Fair Theatre, North Tonawanda, NY Live
08/25/1990 Tangier Music Festival, Crisfield, MD Live
08/26/1990 Star Speedway, Epping, NH Live
08/28/1990 Birchmere, Alexandria, VA        Live
08/29/1990 Birchmere, Alexandria, VA Live
09/02/1990 Spirit Festival, Kansas City, MO Live
09/03/1990 West Festival, Copper Mountain, CO Live
09/05/1990 The Rose, Grand Junction, CO Live
09/07/1990  Utay State Fair, Salt Lake, UT Live
09/08/1990 San Diego Street Scene, San Diego, CA Live
09/29/1990 Elks Lodge, Santa Maria, CA Live
10/03/1990 Bottom Line, New York City, New York Live
10/04/1990 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY Live


Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon, PA Live
10/06/1990 Providence Civic Centre, Providence, RI Live
10/07/1990 Toads Place, New Haven, CT      Live
10/08/1990 CMA Awards Show, Nashville, TN                           TV
10/11/1990 Sullivan’s Trailway, Orlando, FL Live
10/12/1990 Seafood Festival, Panama City, FL          Live
10/13/1990 Joyland Country, Clearwater , FL Live
10/14/1990 Swap Shop, Fort Lauderdale, FL Live
10/18/1990 State Fair, Raleigh, NC  Live
10/19/1990 Snake Rattle & Roll, Dade City, FL           Live
10/20/1990 Hugh McGray Park, Wilmington, NC Live
10/25/1990 Graffiti’s, Pittsburg, PA Live
10/26/1990 Front Row Theatre, Highlands Heights, OH Live
10/27/1990 Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH Live
10/30/1990 Western Canadian tour till 11/12/1990 (with P. Loveless and Mcbride & Ride) Live
11/02/1990 Church Street Station, Nashville, TN TV
11/12/1990 Western Canadian tour (with P. Loveless and Mcbride & Ride)               Live
11/18/1990 The Bottom Line, New York, NY Live
11/30/1990 K-bul 4th Annual Listener Appreciation concert, Turlock CA ( with Garth Brooks) Live
12/01/1990 Hanford Fox Theatre, N. Irwin St., Hanford, CA (with Mary Chapin Carpenter) Live
12/02/1990 Saddle Rack, San Jose, CA           Live
12/03/1990 Crazyhorse Saloon, Santa Ana, CA          Live
12/??/1990 Redding, Colorado TV
??/??/1990 China Club, New York City, NY                  TV
??/??/1990 Bally's Casino, Las Vegas, NV Live