The Desert Rose Band:
Name: Chris Hillman (Christopher Hillman)
Born: Los Angeles, CA - 12/04/1944
Member: 1986 - 1994, 2008-2017
Role: Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Akoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Instruments: Akoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar
Influences: Clarence White, Tony Rice, Bill Monroe, John Duffy, Doug Dillard
Other Bands: The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, The Hillmen, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas, Souther/ Hillman/ Furay Band
Name: Herb Pedersen (Herbert Pedersen)
Born: Berkeley, CA - 04/27/ 1944
Member: 1986 - 1994, 2008-2017
Role: Harmonies, Lead Vocals, Akoustic Guitar, 5-string Banjo, Dobro
Instruments: Akoustic Guitar, 5-string Banjo, Dobro
Influences: Don Rich, James Burton, Clarence White, Lester Flatt, Tony Rice
Other Bands: Laurel Canyon Ramblers, The Dillards, Vern & Ray, Pine Valley Boys
Name: John Jorgenson ( John Richard Jorgenson)
Born: Madison, WI - 07/06/1956
Member: 1986 - 1991, 2008-2017
Role: Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonies, Lead Vocals
Instruments: Piano, Clarinet, Akoustic Guitar, Rock Guitar, Saxophone, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Flute, Mandecello, Dobro, Upright Bass, Bassoon
Influences: Django Rheinhardt, George Harrison, Jimmy Bryant, Eddie Cochrane, Carlos Santana, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Jerry Reed, Steve Howe, Albert Lee, Pete Townsend, Tony Rice
Other Bands: Neo Paris and the Futures, Cheatin'Hearts, The Hellecasters, Elton John Band, John Jorgenson Quintet
Name: Bill Bryson
Born: Evanston, ILL - 11/10/1946 - 30/04/2017
Member: 1986 - 1994, 2008-2014
Role: Bass Guitar,Vocals
Instruments: Bass, Upright Bass
Influences: Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Roger Bush, Lee Sklar
Other Bands: Cheatin'Hearts, Bluegrass Cardinals, The Grateful Dudes, The Laurel Canyon Ramblers, Country Gazette, Doug Dillard's Band
Name: JayDee Maness
Born: Loma Linda, CA - 04/01/1945
Member: 1986 - 1990, 2008-2014
Role: Steel Guitar
Instruments: Steel Guitar
Influences: Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green
Other Bands: Buckaroos, Palamino Riders, Vince Gill Band
Name: Steve Duncan
Born: Knoxville, TEN - 07/28/1953
Member: 1986- 1991, 2008-2014
Role: Drums, Vocals
Instruments: Drums, Guitar
Influences: Mitch Mitchell, Bill Bruford, Larrie Londin, Roy Sneed, Jim Williams, Thumbs Carlisle, Roger Miller, Rick Nelson
Other Bands: Cheatin'Hearts, Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, The Desert Rose Band, The Hellecasters, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Byrds, Hot Country Nights House Band, The Academy of Country Music Awards House Band, The Palomino Riders
Additional Members:

Name: Tom Brumley (Thomas Rexton Brumley)

Born: Stella, Miss - 12/11/1935 | San Antonio, Texas 02/04/2008
Member: 1991 - 1994
Role: Pedal Steel
Instruments: Pedal Steel
Other Bands: Buckaroos, Get R Done Band, Rick Nelson
Name: Tim Grogan
Born: Dallas, Texas - ?
Member: 1992 - 1994
Role: Drums, Vocals
Instruments: Drums, Keyboard, Piano, Percussions
Other Bands: The Stemwinders,Boy Howdy, Dallas Symphony Orchestra,The SMU Civic Symphony, The Richardson Symphony Orchestra, Garlin Hackney
Name: Jeff Ross (Jeffrey P. Ross)
Born: ?
Member: 1992 - 06/27/1993
Role: Lead Guitar
Instruments: Guitar
Other Bands: Candye Kane, Freddie Brooks, William Clarke, James Harman, Freddie Brooks,  Hellecasters, Asylum Street Spankers, Kelly Willis, Rosie Flores, Levi Dexte, Rick Holmstrom, Royal Crown Revue, the Bellamy Brothers, the Desert Rose Band, Cesar Rosas, Rank & File
Name: Jim Monahan
Born: Winchester, MA - 14/03/1953
Member: 07/01/1993 - 1994
Role: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Instruments: Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin
Other Bands:
Crew Members:
Name: Alan Hopper
Member: 1989 - 1992
Role: Co-manager. He joined Denver-based Chuck Morris Entertainment in January of 1989, who had recently been named manager of DRB, to co-manage the Desert Rose Band with Chuck Morris. Left Chuck's company in May 1992.  His name appears on the Pages of Life, True Love and A Dozen Roses albums.
Name: Scott D. Olson
Member: 1990 - 1994
Role: Sound man and road manager
Name: Tom Crawford
Member: 1990 - 1994
Role: ?
Name: Ben Slaght
Member: 1990 - 1994
Role: ?
Name: Matt Rocha
Member: 1990 - 1994
Role: ?
Name: Kathy Gangwish & Assoc.
Member: 1987-1988
Role: Public Relations
Name: McMullen & Company
Member: 1992-1993, 2008
Role: Public Relations
Name: Gayle Holcomb
Member: ?
Role: Booking Agent