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Chris Hillman's team has re-created the original Desert Rose Band T-shirt art, designed in 1985. The shirts were sold at the DRB’s tour stops during the first two years of the band’s run. The DRB’s merchandise director Douglas Johnson (now Chris Hillman’s merchandise director) had decorated a road case for one of John Jorgenson’s guitar amps – now on display in the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville – and that art was used for the shirt. The design was inspired by the colorful labels on citrus fruit boxes that came out of California in the first half of the 20th Century, and the case is seen in the album photo (by Jay Dusard) included in this email.

 This is a limited-time release: once the shirts are sold, we won’t be making more. 

Sizes range from Medium up to XXXL and the six-color design is printed on white shirts, just like the original release. Shirts will be on Chris Hillman’s website Store Page in the next few days. The shirts are priced at $30 due to the six ink colors.

Order here: http://www.zesthome.net/zcom/product/Product.do?compid=388&prodid=8303

Please note that we will continue to mail only inside the United States!! - The Bar None Bunkhouse Staff-

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