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John Jorgenson

Main Equipment Log:

Guitars Electric: Fender Telecaster Custom Sunburst 1962, G&L, Rickenbacker 12-strings 1967 450-12, 1987 350-12 (custom made), Danelectro 6-string bass 1959, Gretsch Country Gentleman 1968, Gibson Les Paul J-160E, Gibson Les Paul Jr. 1959, Fender Stratocaster 1965, Fender Telecaster 1953

Guitars Akoustic: Paul Worley's D-28 1970, Martin D-18 1964, Takamine 12-string, Washburn 12-string

Mandolin: Grassland 30s style F5, Gibson F5-L 1980, Monteleone Grand Artist 1986

Other Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Mandacello, Piano, Keyboards, Ukelele, Bassoon, Saxophone,Basooki, Bass, Pedal Steel guitar, Fiddle.

Amplifiers: Vox 60's AC-30 (some Top boost, some without), AC50 in AC30 Cabinet, Royal Guardsman 1968, YamahaG100 115, Fender 410 Bassman 1957

Effects: Boss Pedals: Digital Delay, Dimension C, Graphic Equalizer, Vibrato , Compressor, Chorus Alesis: Microverb Reverb, Roland GP-8: Chorus, Overdrive, Roland GP-16.


"The Desert Rose Band" Equipment Log:

"One Step Forward": Gretsch Country Gentleman (Chorus and Delay), Danelectro 6-string bass, Rickenbacker 450-12 (Chorus and Delay) through two Vox AC-30's

"Love Reunited": Fender Telecaster Custom (Dimension C and Delay) trough two Vox AC-30's, 1964 Martin D18

"He's Back and I'm Blue": Danelectro 6-string bass (AC-30 and direct), Danolectro bass (AC-30 direct), Fender Telecaster Custom (direct, doubled and compressed)

"Leave This Town": Danelectro 6-string bass (Ac-30 and direct), Gretsch Country Gentleman (Ac-30 miked in stereo), Telecaster Custom (Capoed at third fret, with Chorus)

"Time Between": Gibson F5-1 Mandolin

"Ashes of Love": Fender Telecaster Custom through AC-30's and Fender Bassman, 1953 Fender Telecaster (Delay)

"One That Got Away": Fender Telecaster Custom through two AC-30's, Rickenbacker 450-12 (Dimension C and Delay)

"Once More": Gretsch Country Gentleman (direct), Monteleone Mandolin

"Glass Hearts": Rickenbacker 450-12 through an AC-30 and Yamaha G100 115 (Delay)

"Hard Times": Monteleone Mandolin


"Running" Equipment Log:

"She Don't Love Nobody": Les Paul Jr, trough AC-30 ( Top Boost and Delay), G&L ASAT through Leslie 147, Gibson J160E

"Running": Rickenbacker 350-12 through two AC-30's (Compressor), Les Paul Jr. through AC-30 (Top boost), Martin D18

"Hello Trouble": Fender Telecaster Custom Trough an AC-30 ( Top boost and Delay)

"I Still Believe in You": G&L ASAT through two AC-30's (Vibrato, Dimension C and Microverb), Paul Worley's 1970 D28

"Summer Wind": Rickenbacker 350-12 through two AC-30's (Compressor and Dimension C), Gibson J160E

"For the Rich Man": Gibson F5-L, Gibson K4 Mandocello (1927)

"Step On Out": Grassland F5 copy trough two AC-30's (Vibrato and Delay)

"Homeless": Fender Telecaster Custom through Royal Guardsman (Compressor and Delay), Fender Stratocaster Custom through Royal Guardsman, Paul Worley's D28 (tuned whole step down)

"Livin' in the House": Danelectro 6-string bass trough Royal Guardsman, Gibson J160 (rhythm), Tokai "Tony Rice" (solo), Monteleone Mandolin

"Our Songs": Gibson F5-L Mandolin, Tokai "Tony Rice" (rhythm), Martin D18 (lead)

Note: apparently "Just Tell Me Darlin" was intended to be on the album "Running", because John added equipment info. Why it was eventially dropped remains uncertain. Rickenbacker 360 through a AC-30 (for rhythm); Custom Telecaster (solo) G&L ASAT (lead parts)


"Pages Of Life" Equipment Log:

"Story of Love": Gibson Les Paul with P-90 pickups trough a Vox AC-50 and AC-30. Lead akoustic guitar Is a Tokai "Tony Rice", and the rhythm acoustic is Paul Worley's 1970's D-28.

"Start All Over Again": 1961 Rickenbacker 360 Capri trough a Roland GP-8 Chorus and into two Voc AC-30's. "Mystery Guitar I"is through the GP-8 and a Mini-Verb II, going into a AC-30 and Ac-15. The acoustic rhythm guitar is a 1964 MArtin D-18 trough a studio rack Chorus (perhaps an AMS). This guitar is detuned down three half-steps.

"Missing You": 1980 Gibson F5L mandolin and two overbubs of Paul Worley's Martin D-28.

"Just a Memory": Takamine 12-string, with the pickup going directly to a Leslie 122. Both the guitar and Leslie speaker were miked. The akoustic rhythm guitars are a Martin D-28 and a Gibson J-160E, as well as the Takamine 12-string. Les Paul through a 1940´s Oahu steel guitar amp and a Vox AC-30.

"God's Plan": Paul Worley's D-28; Electric rhythm is a G&L signature series A.S.A.T through the GP-8 Chorus and Delay, into a Vox AC-30 and a Gibson stereo Vibe Amp; Lead is playes on a Les Paul through the Oahu amp and a AC-30. The baritone guitar is an Epiphone played through a Vox AC-30.

"Darkness on the Playground": Washburn 12-string akoustic; Gibson J-160E; 1959 Les Paul Jr. through a Ac-15; "Mystery Guitar I" through the GP-8 Chorus, the Mini-Verb and into an AC-30 and AC-15.

"Our Baby's Gone": Electric rhythm and lead are played on a Gretsch Country Gentleman through a AC-30; G&L A.S.A.T. Signature Series through the Gibson Stereo Vibe amp; Epiphone baritone guitar trough an AC-30; Mystery Guitar II Through an AC-10.

"Time Passes Me By": Gretsch Country Gentleman through the GP-8 (Chorus and Delay) into two AC-30's.

"Everybody's Hero": Rhythm akoustic is the J-160-E; rhythm electric is a Rickenbacker 360 Capri through the GP-8 (Overdrive and the Mini-Verb)into a pair of Vox -AC-30's; 1965 Fender Stratocaster into a Vox -AC-30; A.S.A.T. into a Ac-30; Rickenbacker 350-12 into a AC-30; Les Paul Jr. into an AC -15.

"In Another Lifetime": Les Paul through a AC-15.

"Desert Rose": Paul Worley's D-28; Gibson F5L mandolin; Joe Glaser - Premiere six string bass through a Vox Ac-50.


"Greatest Hits" Equipment Log:

"Will This Be The Day": Rickenbacker 450-12 into two Vox AC-30's with Roland GP-16 for Chorus and Compression.

"Come a Litle Closer": 60's Gibson 330 into two Voc AC-30's with Roland GP-16 for Stereo Tremolo and Reverb, Epiphone Yellow Submarine Casino with Ibanez TS-808 overdrive.

"Price I Pay": 1988 G&L Silver Sparkle ASAT into two Voc AC-30's using GP-16 for Delay.


"True Love" Equipment Log:

"You Can Go Home":1988 G&L Silver Sparkle ASAT into two Voc AC-30's using GP-16 for Tremelo

"Takes a Believer": G&L S500 into two Voc AC-30's using GP-16 for Reverb and Delay

"Twilight Is Gone": 1964 Martin D18

"No One Else":1964 Martin D18 and G&L ASAT Silver Sparke

"A Matter of Time": G&L ASAT Classic, Les Paul Jr for solo

"Undying Love":

"Behind These Walls": G&L S500 or Gretsch Country Gentleman into into two Voc AC-30's and GP-16 for tremolo, Delay and Chorus

"True Love": Tokai "Tony Rice" and Epiphone Newport Six string bass

"Glory and Power": Epiphone Newport Six string bass

"Shades Of Blue": G&L S500 into into two Voc AC-30's and GP-16 for tremolo and Reverb


"Life Goes On" Equipment Log:

"LIfe Goes On":Fender Telecaster Custom (Dimension C) trough two Vox AC-30's

"That's Not The Way": Premiere 6-string bass ith reverb


"Reunion Tour 2008" Equipment Log:

Guitars: Takamine 12-string, Fender Telecaster Custom Sunburst 1962, doubleneck
Danelectro which had a 12-string neck on top and a six string bass on the bottom
, Chet Atkins Gretsch, F-style mandolin

Amplifiers: Early 90's reissue VOX AC30 with Blue Celestions (Mark Sampson), VOX VTX60 (Jeff Ross)

Effects: Line 6 M13 pedal


"Reunion Tour 2010" Equipment Log:

Guitars: Doubleneck Danelectro 12 str and 6 str bass, prototype champagne sparkle signature Tele, Gretsch 6120 Eddy Cochrane spec, blonde Grassland F style mandolin, and a red signature Takamine acoustic. For the Nashville shows John used his Fender Lt Ed JJ Hellecaster, turqoise Ricky 450 12 and black Ricky 350 12 aswell together with his 3 vintage AC-30 's.

Amplifiers: 2 new Vox AC15 TV front reissue amps

Effects: Line 6 M13 pedal