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Desert Rose Band Clips:


Title: Summer Wind  
Label: Curb Records  
Year: 1988  
Title: She Don't Love Nobody  
Label: Curb Records  
Director: Bill Pope  
Year: Shot on 10/12/1989, Nashville, TN  
Title: In Another Lifetime  
Label: Curb Records  
Year: 1990  
Title: Will This Be The Day  
Label: MCA/ Curb Records  
Director: Gerry Wenner  
Year: 1991  
Title: You Can Go Home  
Label: MCA/Curb Records  
Director: Gustavo Garzon, ARG  
Year: Shot on 08/5-6/1991 Nashville, TN, Tennessee Railroad Museum Chattanooga, TN  
Title: What About Love  
Label: MCA/Curb Records  
Director: Michael Merriman  
Year: 1993