The Desert Band - Ashes Of love - Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin & Johnny Wright
   G            C        D                         Bm           G
   Ashes of love cold  as ice you made the debt and I'll pay the price
   G                   C          D                      Bm          G 
   Our love is gone there's no doubt Ashes of love the flame burnt out
   G              C        D                   Bm     G 
   The love light gleam in your eyes has gone out to my surprize
   G                   C        D                     Bm 
   Now we said goodbye my heart bled I can't revive a love that is 
   G                   C           D                      Bm
   Now I trusted you our love would stand Your every wish was my 
   g                       C     D                             Bm 
   But My heart tells me I must forget that I loved you then I love 
   you yet.

From The Desert Rose Band "The Desert Rose Band" - Copyright @ 1987 Bar None Music (BMI)
MCA/Curb Records 1987