DRB-fans.com is a project I started in August 2007. It was basically a follow-up of my previous Desert Rose Band website on Yahoo! The last one of which was simply called desertroseband, can be found under the adress http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/desertroseband/. It's still a popolair visited site, but it has many limitations provided by Yahoo. It's good fun to have, but I decided to expand my view and choose for this setup.

This new Desert Rose Band site has proved to be extremely popular, although it doesn't offer any stuff such as MP3's or videos to download. Information still is a highly sought-after gem and I can proudly say my website has become the best Desert Rose Band concertography that has ever been. So far it also the only Desert Rose Band website on the web.

Others said and wrote...

Chris Hillman, founding member of the Desert Rose Band loves the site and added it recently to his website www.chrishillman.com

Connie Hillman, Chris's wife, descriped my site as being 'Absolutely Great'.

Bill Bryson, bass guitar of the Desert Rose Band, also find this site 'A Great One'.

Special thanks to...

Many parts would have to be left blank and many mistakes would remain unnoticed without help of some dear friends.

  • Chris Hillman
  • Connie Hillman
  • John Jorgenson
  • Herb Pedersen
  • Stephanie Carta (thanks for the pics)
  • Peggy Hanson
  • Gary Smith
  • Bill Cody
  • Raoul Verolleman

Thank you!